Most trendy Skin Doctors Collagen Boosting Day & Night Ampoules Duo Pack lCgVXwEl

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Description du produit

This collagen boosting duo provide all the tools you need for achieving youthful, healthy-looking skin. The application of Skin Doctors antioxidant-rich Potent Vit. C ampoule in the morning provides protection throughout the day against environmental aggressors and premature ageing. The production of collagen is boosted at a cellular level helping to repair damaged skin and aid firming. Follow in the evening with Potent Vit. A ampoule, containing 0.15% of pure retinol, clinically proven to wind back the clock and defy time by eliminating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The creamy texture is quickly absorbed and Skin Doctors patented Microsponge® technology helps minimise irritation by allowing the retinol to be released gently and slowly into the skin targeting and improving the toughest of concerns such as pigmentation and acne. You may experience some mild tingling or redness with retinol products. This is normal and indicates the product is working.