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Description du produit

THE SWEET FLAPPING OF AN ANGEL'S WINGSRêve de Varens by Ulric de Varens is a 'Eau de Parfum' for women belonging to the floral woody family. It is a sweet and imaginative fragrance that encourages us to bring our dreams to reality in a warm universe reigned by angels, eternal beings who teach us how to see life from another point of view.This delicious fragrance fills our days with elegance and an air of extreme femininity. Describes a romantic woman who likes to live new adventures and discover new sensations, and at the same time have a certain mischief and malice, characteristics that fill her with sensuality.Its olfactory pyramid begins with an intense citric freshness combined with fruity aromas, responsible for starting the sensory journey. Then, a fully floral heart opens up, created by a bouquet of jasmine, rose and iris, soft, delicate flowers with bewitching properties. Finally, its wake ends with sandalwood, patchouli and musk, warmer and more seductive chords.SWEET SPRING DAYS. Réve de Varens is an ideal perfume to dye the days of spring with a sweet aura, full of flowers and fresh air.WINGED BOTTLE. Its beautiful pastel pink bottle has two white wings engraved on its front, keeping the presence of the angels firm.GIFT IDEA. Its floral notes give this fragrance a great acceptance among the female public, so this is a perfect gift idea.