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Description du produit

A gentle yet intensive corrective treatment serum for dark spots and pigmentation. Potent bioavailable ingredients act at a cellular level to even out skin tone and give a brighter, luminous complexion. Brightlight Serum inhibits the production of melanin, which causes skin pigmentation, in five different ways:Slows the process of &

39;melanin transfer&

39; from the melanin-producing cells located deep in the skin to the skin&

39;s surfaceBreaks down melanin within these cellsMelanin that already present on the surface are exfoliated away by natural fruit enzymesReduces pigmentation caused by other environmental factors and acne scarringBinds naturally occuring copper, which encourages melanin productionThis is a light serum that sits perfectly beneath a moisturiser or oils. It is naturally scented with delicate rose and chamomile.